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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Super-human abilities now go mobile!

Yes this TV Hits now has it's own mobile game that you can played on your cellphones (smart phones). While waiting for your turn in a dentist or ticket box, you can experience the thrill of super-human abilities in the official game of the TV phenomenon.

You can join Hiro, Niki and Peter of the TV most-talked about series, with their quest to save the world. You may select four locations: NY city streets, future NYC, Museum & Las Vegas and played up to 11 levels. It shall be interesting to take turns playing Hiro, Niki or Peter's Role and explore their special abilities.

The storyline is written in collaboration with the show’s writers and the adventure shall include Heroes fan-favorite moments. Surely you can find authentic locations, scenarios & characters from the show on the mobile game as well. For further information you may visit their official sites : Heroes Mobile game

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Creating DVD of Cellphone's Videos

In Previous post I have explained that in order to create a DVD/CD of your cellphone's videos, first you have to convert your video files (3GP) to AVI format by using 3GP Video Converter such as Xillsoft 3GP Video Converter. Next process is editing the AVI video and later burn it on DVDs or CDs.

Editing the videos
In this example I use Ulead Video Studio (UVS) software as video Editing tool. For Further information on this sofware can visit their official sites.
When you have installed UVS on your computer you can open the program and you will see menus and panels as follow:

Preparing Video sequences:
  • Tab Edit and you are ready to add video elements, such as image or video as opening /ending tittle, music etc. You can use the gallery of image, video, tittle and audio/music as elements of your video presentations.
  • You can see there are two modes of editing (view modes) bellow the video screen (display) : story board mode and time line mode. In the story board mode you can view the video or image sequence by thumbnails. In the timeline mode you can see individual track of video elements. Thus, you can easily adjust the position and elements of video (images,videos,tittles, musics,audios) by clicking the elements and draging them to the position you want.
  • you can start by creating an opening tittle. Add an image from the gallery as ttile background by clicking-and-dragging it into the time line. Then you add text for the title. You can select and adjust font style, font size, color etc. To start typing a text you can click on the video screen (display).
  • Add the video to the timeline by position ypur mouse pointer at the timeline and then right-click the video track. You can add videos one by one or you can add them simultaneously. When you choose to add more than one videos at a time, UVS will automatically add random transitions between videos. If you move or delete a video from a sequence , the related transitions will be removed. Note : you can place the video in the overlay track but my advice is you should adjust the sound volume when you overlap two videos in a time line. You can even mute one of them if neccessary.
  • Then you might want to add audio elements (sounds,speech etc) and music track. Adjust the volume of these sound elements as to reduce "unpleasant noise background".
  • Put an ending tittle (the same way you create an opening title).
Creating Video Files (MPG):
  • Tab Share, select create video file. select file folders, type file name. Select options to adjust video properties. Tab general, data track: Audio & video, frame rate: 25 frame/second, frame size: standard 352x288,compression :...., media type, audio type ...
  • Press OK to start rendering. When completed you are ready to create a disk (DVD/CD).
Creating Disc
  • Tab Share, create disc
  • Select output disc format (eg: DVD/VCD?SVCD)
  • Press Next
  • Now you are forwarded to create "DVD/CD Player Menu"
  • You can add background image and music to the Menu
  • Press NEXT
  • You are now forwarded to Preview Mode (you can review and test the menu here)
  • Press NEXT and you are ready to burn a CD/DVD
  • Insert CD/DVD, Press OUTPUT to star burning
  • when completed you can play it ond DVD/VCD Player.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

How to convert cellphone's video (3GP) to AVI format

Most cellphones and gadgets are using 3GP or MP4 format (*.3gp or *.mp4). These formats cannot be supported by regular DVD/VCD Player. (Unless your phones or gadgets support TV-Out connection to your TV.). Thus , you need to convert it to a supported format.
You need a video converter like Xillsoft 3GP Video Conve
rter or ImTOO 3GP Video Converter to convert videos.

In this example I would like to show how to use Xilisoft 3GP Video Converter. (For full information about Xilisoft 3GP Video Converter, please visit http://www.xilisoft.com/3gp-video-converter.html .)

Xilisoft 3GP Video Converter supports converting most video formats including DVD, VCD, AVI, WMV, MP4, MOV, 3GP, animated GIF, RM, ASF and audio file formats like MP3, WMA, OGG, AAC, M4A, WAV, AC3 and so on to 3GPP file format or converting 3GPP file to AVI or MPEG file. It can also extract audio from 3GP file or convert audio file to audio-only 3GP file. In this example we will convert 3GP files to AVI in order to edit them in a video editing sofware and most video editing softwares support AVI files.

Open Xillsoft 3GP Video Converter program on your desktop. You will see menus as shown screenshots below:

  • Set the output file format to AVI (*.avi) and select and define your output files destination.

  • Press “Add” button to add video files (3GP) to be converted.

  • Press “Encode” to start converting 3GP files to AVI format.
  • Note : you can do batch c onverting by adding more than 1 files then press “Encode” to do “batch converting”.

You can preview the output by using player like Window Media Player (WMP), WINAMP, MUsicmatch Jukebox or other AVi supported players.

Now, you are ready to edit the AVI files in Video Editing Sofware.

Watching your cellphone's video on TV

It's one of most favourite feature that nowaday's cellphone has brought to us : camera! Smart phones like Nokia, Samsung and Sony Ericcson have offered various quality of built-in video cameras. Most of them are using *.3gp or *.mp4 format. Despite the weakness of video quality, people enjoy the ability of capturing their once-in-a-life-time moments. From time to time manufacturer increases the output quality and camera features. More and more people enjoy a new hobby that is capturing and sharing their own videos to the world.

When video capturing becomes one's obsession, the limit of cellphone's memory storage is the major challenge. Videos are easily drains storage capacity of cellphone's internal or external memory. If you want to keep the videos on your Memory Cards (MMCs) then you should prepare more than one MMC to support your hobby. Or you should have bigger storage like hard disks or Flash disks with Gigabyte sizes. Either way they are going to cost lot of money. Thus you need other way to overcome this problem. Why not thinking of cheaper solution? You can create DVDs or VCDs of your video collections. That way, you can save much of your cellphones' storage and enjoy sharing your videos on TV to show it off to friends and familiy!

The following articles discuss "How to convert cellphone's video into AVI format and "How to create a DVD or VCD of your cellphone's video". To do this we need two kind of softwares that is 3gp converter and video editing software. Here we used 3gp converter like x ylsoft 3gp mobile converter or IMTOO 3gp coverter to convert cellphone's video (3 gp) to *.avi format and use the avi format to create CD (arrange, sequence,add effects etc, and burn it to CD/DVDs with the help of Ulead Video Studio (UVS). Detailed of related softwares will be specified on the related articles or you can visit their official sites for more information.
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